About Personal Injury Solicitor

One of the best ways to look for personal injury solicitors is to search online. Most individual lawyers and large legal companies have websites and testimonials that you can refer to for a choice. Another good method is to go on the basis of recommendations or referrals from people whom you trust. You could also look at getting in touch with the local bar association who will be able to make recommendations based on their membership.

Here is how you should conduct your screening process. The first is to schedule a consultation so that you apprise the lawyer of your case. In most cases consultations are free, nevertheless it would be a good idea to ask about it in advance. Next, the kind of questions you ask will be important as well.

Discuss your case with the lawyer and ascertain from your interaction on well your lawyer is able to perceive your needs and understand where the case can go. Make enquiries on his educational and professional background. Any references from recent cases would be a good thing. Calling these references will give you an idea of the level of professionalism and the quality of work done on cases. Get the facts about  personal injury solicitors look after these

Their experience, the manner in which they keep up to date with the law, details on similar cases that they may have handled earlier are all important things to discuss. If you are dealing with a company, then you will need to know if the lawyer you are talking to will be assigned to you or if somebody else will take it up. There are times agencies team up lawyers and you will need to know if that is the case with you.

Give the lawyer a chance to tell you what to expect of the case. What are chances of the case going to court, what will happen, how you should handle it etc. All of these can be discussed. The lawyer’s fees will also have to be discussed. Will this be done on a contingency basis or will there be a retainer fee involved. Your lawyer should also be able to tell of any additional expenses that you may encounter along the way.

Do not work with lawyers who ask you for an upfront payment. It just does not work that way. Also, lawyers who refuse to sign retainers for their services. A retainer should contain all the details of the service involved, the fee that is applicable, the time frame if applicable etc.