Does Fluoride Help To Restore Enamel-Things To Know

Dentists as well as organizations dedicated to oral health and hygiene have always held fluoride to be a very useful substance when it comes to teeth health. This particular mineral is absorbed by our teeth and it strengthens teeth enamel which is why fluoride is associated with other substances which help prevent teeth decay as well as dental cavities.

This mineral is so highly regarded that many American communities have water supply systems which have been enriched with sodium fluoride, this practice is actually considered safe because as previously stated this mineral helps fight and prevent cavities. In recent years, fluoride has gone under tough scrutiny because many health officials have questioned the ability of this substance to fight cavities in the first place, however no official statements have been released which state otherwise. Read onĀ can the use of fluoride bring back degraded enamel.

Because fluoride directly affects enamel layer of our teeth further studies have been conducted in order to analyze the benefits of such substance when it comes to teeth development in children. According to these studies fluoride is a very useful substance when used in moderation, however when it comes to children the excessive use of this mineral may cause enamel related problems, problems which are attributed to fluoride are called enameled fluorosis.

Enameled fluorosis is a fancy name used to describe the excess of fluoride which may have been absorbed by a child’s teeth creating defects in the outermost layer of their teeth which is known as enamel, hence the name. Aside from defects caused by an excess of fluoride this mineral is actually very helpful in adults, however people who constantly consume bottled water may have been missing on the benefits that flouridated water provides, this statement was actually released by the American dental association.

Those who live in the US are able to get information about the amount of fluoride their water has by running a quick search in Google in order to find the Center for disease control prevention website, people who live in Europe and other places are able to get this information from the appropriate government agencies. The amount of fluoride which is added to water in places with a hot climate within the US is of 0.7 parts per million and in colder places it could go up to 1.2 ppm.