Multi Picture Frames-Some Insights

Have you ever been getting loads of pictures from your relatives of their school aged kids? So many that you don’t know how to frame them to put them out where everyone can see them? I’ll show how to make a picture frame to hold 5 or 6 of them in high style. You’ll just need to recycle a pizza box and have a few tools on hand: One clean pizza box (take out or make at home). Left-over wallpaper, gift wrap, or fabric; like upholstery or denim. Marker or pen. Oval or round object to trace around (or use one of those multi-holed picture frame inserts from another picture frame). Scissors or Exacto knife. Needle and thread to match. Glue and tape.For more details-picture framing.

Now I’ll help you make a nice picture frame. So nice, in fact that you might want more than one. It will be very inexpensive and you won’t have send one cent to China, like if you went to the store and bought it. I’ll give you a few steps to get you started:

Step 1. Take your clean pizza box and draw 5 or 6 circles or ovals evenly distributed around the lid. Cut these out with scissors, an Exacto knife or a knife. Or use one of those multi-holed picture frame inserts you might have in another picture frame for even spacing and trace inside that.

Step 2. Cut a piece of fabric or paper just an inch bigger than the box and the edges all around the box and cut another one just the same size for the back side

Step 3. Glue the fabric or paper on the back side first. Covering the side edges as you go, mitering the corners and trimming off the extra, leaving one end open with extra fabric on it.

Step 4. Glue the fabric or paper to the front and cut around the inside of the holes, 1/2 inch in. Leaving enough to turn under around the inside of the holes. Slit this area to make it fit and glue it down inside the holes. Leave one end still open with extra fabric to cover and glue down later.

Step 5. Cut a small tab about an inch square out on three sides at the back at the top to put a tack in to hold it on the wall.

Step 6. Place your pictures inside the box, centering them in the holes and tape in place.

Step 7. Stitich or glue the open end together that you left open and trim off the excess parts of the fabric or paper, now you are done. You have a nice frame and it didn’t cost you a penny. The next time you need a gift or something for your own house just look around and see what you can come up with. Then, write about it!!