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Without movie script writers, the entertainment industry would be nonexistent. There are thousands of movies produced each year. A lot of thought process must have gone into creating premises, and writing the scripts that were used by the directors and shooting crew to make the large screen come alive. Writers are, therefore, the corner-stones of the film industry. Script writers are knowledgeable persons and keep abreast of what the public prefers to see.

Related imageProfessional movie script writers are familiar with the norms of screenplay writing. All scripts are expected to be written along a well defined format regarding the length, header, margins, script styles, character names, dialogues, page breaks, and acts. A writer in his nascent stage may not be able to do full justice to the script, fail to abide by the norms, and thus get through the closely guarded of Hollywood. The work of the movie script writers is far from easy. They have to put in plenty of sweat and toil and face stiff competition.If you’re interested and want to learn more about them, visit Murray Miller .

It depends upon the acumen of the movie script writers to decide the genre of the movie, set its tone, and its pace. They are the ones who make up believable characters with whom the audience can identify. Concocting the protagonist, or the hero, and the antagonist, or the villain, may seem easy, but it not exactly so. The protagonist, antagonist, and the supporting characters must be true-to-life so that they can carry the emotions of the audience along as they struggle through the vicissitudes of life in the three act structure. Generally, the first act introduces the main characters and the theme of the movie. The conflict is revealed towards the end of the first act. The movie script writers heighten the conflict in the second act, where the protagonist experiences stiff opposition or life threatening circumstances. The third act depicts how the hero resolves the conflict, overcomes the antagonist, and all is well again. The role of every character must be made succinctly clear.

It is rightly said that it is the dialogues which move the story forward. Professional movie script writers will be able to compose dialogues that are crisp, appropriate, and use a few expressions to convey what the speaker wants to say without mincing words. Only a skillful writer will be able to keep within the canons of all the do’s and don’ts of script writing and still steer the story along the path towards attaining raving reviews for self and the screenplay he or she has composed. The audio, visual, lingual, and behavioral elements used by the writers must not only make the audience feel interested, but also passionate about the movie in its entirety.