Free Energy Device Myths

Free energy device¬†are allowing us to become more “green” without having to cut back on our consumption. There is a new wave of going green based on becoming carbon neutral, rather than cutting back on what we use. Now is the new era of thinking when it comes to lifestyle choices and living with your large screen tv and tumble dryer does not mean that you cannot be green.

The internet allows us to have access to more information than ever before. Now you can have a variety of different free energy devices running your home and you can not only save money, but can become carbon neutral at the same time without cutting back on your electricity consumption. The two greatest myths (which where facts until recently) are still held as facts.

Myth 1. – Going Green Means Cutting Back
If you have solar, wind or magnetic energy running your home and each of these are renewable and clean, then you are no longer reliant on energy produced from fossil fuel. It is now possible to run an entire home on a combination of these energy devices.

Solar is still the most popular, but magnetic energy for domestic application is becoming very popular. Thousands of plans for these devices are sold every month online and because they are not suitable for large scale energy generation, they will always be under the radar. It is estimated that one such device can run up to 50% of your households needs and they are not reliant on sun or wind or any other external factors to generate power.

Myth 2. – It Costs Money Going Green
If you are prepared to build your own free energy devices, then it is very cheap to go green. Even if you are not a DIY enthusiast, there are many people who are, and given the opportunity to build them for other people while earning a small second income, you can go green with very little outlay.