How long does vacuum sealed food keep- Insights

Vacuum sealing is the most effective way of product packaging. It has been identified that oxygen is the factor that is mostly responsible for food degradation over the time. The technology used in vacuum sealer removes oxygen from the product. If required for a product than other gases like nitrogen or combination of hydrogen and other gases are filled in the product packaging. This helps in keeping product safe for a long time. There are various types of vacuum sealing machines available in the market today. It is important that a firm decides as to which type of machine would be better and would be best suitable for its product line. All the machines work on the same concept of vacuum sealing. But all these machines have been developed keeping in mind various industrial uses of the products. Different machines are made for large, small and cottage industries working. There is another simple tabletop vacuum sealer available for home based work. Before finalizing decision about purchasing a vacuum sealer it is important to determine following points.

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What are your packaging requirements?
Before buying a vacuum sealer it is very necessary to understand what is the requirement of your product? There are two types of vacuum sealer available in the market. One is simple vacuum sealer and other is the vacuum gas flush sealer. It depends on the requirement of material as to what type of machine would be more suitable for it.

What is your firm’s production capacity?
The production capacity of the product determines as to how many products would be required to be packed on a daily basis. On a regular basis if there is a small number of products that needs to be packed a small machine and manual sealer can be sufficient. But if there are a large number of products that needs to be packed on a daily basis, then an automatic belt machine would be more suitable.

Would it fit in the space you have?
Every firm has different places for various machines in its setup. Sometimes factories do not have enough space for new machines. Before finalizing any new machine in your factory layout it is very important to know about the space requirement and would it be possible to accommodate new machine in the factory. This would help you a lot while installing machine in a factory.

How much you want to spend on it?
Deciding what the budget for the new machine is would help to narrow down on the options. It would give you a clear idea as to what would be the best selection under given options. There are various types of machines like a tabletop vacuum sealer, single vacuum chamber machine, double vacuum chamber machine, automatic belt vacuum chamber machines, Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines. All these machines have different price ranges. There are various other features of the machines that determine its price. You can go through various suppliers and makes to see different variations in the product.